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2018 In Review & Big Things To Come For 2019

November 28

Although we still have a couple of more races to do, before we close out 2018, I thought I would post my squad TheHills-District selected Professional results for 2018 to date. Thanks to my athletes sponsors for supporting them and thanks to my supporters too, I have the best support network in the sport and makes it all possible...

I put out a statement this time last year that said I will produce a squad that had success in combining both Ironman and short course within the same on deck program, men, women, juniors, Ironman, ITU/WTS, 70.3 all out of the same squad.

This was achieved when I had Australia's number 1 junior at the ITU world championships the same time we were stacking the podium of a 70.3 on the other side of the world.

I had multiple men podium Ironman's, multiple women podium Ironman's, I had men and women race ITU and junior ITU. In 2019 we will take this another step further.

Although I only post the podium/wins, I'll say some races by athletes that didn't make the podium were in my eyes a bigger success then some of the victories, as in my group we don't judge our success on the usual metrics, maybe this is why the below is amounting... but hey this is professional sport so here it is...

2018 Hills District Squad selected results:
5 Half Ironman Wins
16 70.3 / Half Ironman Podiums

1 Ironman Win
5 Ironman Podiums

19 Short Course Wins 
30 Short Course Podiums

Brings my triathlon coaching career highlights totals to:
2 World Titles
3 World Championship Podiums
1 Kona Podium

17 70.3/Half Ironman Victories 
39 70.3/Half Ironman Podiums

4 Ironman Victories 
10 Ironman Podiums

4 Regional WTC Championships

3 Australian National Titles

27 Short Course wins 
46 Short Course Podiums

My job in coaching is simply to convince the willing to give totally and to be enthusiastic about doing what they might like or dislike at any given point in time, in any given conditions, to achieve what they previously considered desirable but impossible.

"Don't rest too long, it's a mistake you can't take back" - TCV

The best thing is, we are already well into our 2019 prep...