Recruiting for 2018 Squad

January 24

After my transition from cycling into Triathlon coaching 20 months ago, our #hillsdistrict squad of professionals have earnt themselves some impressive 
Results and over $330,000 just in prizemoney. I say over because I don’t keep a tally past 3rd place. 

For those that know me, it should be no surprise, as I did same in professional cycling team in very short time frame with zero background in that sport. So when I was asked to come back to the sport that I do have background in, (I did my first triathlon in 1989) and with Brett Sutton as my mentor not to mention the support network I have within the family of coaches, of which there resume’s are unrivalled. I had absolute confidence in my ability that I have now backed up with results on the biggest stage which have included some drastic and dramatic improvements in athletes.

I am looking to fill 3-4 more spots to my 2018 professional group. I am looking for either ITU or Long Course I come from an upbringing where the Triathlon Olympic Gold Medalist trains in the same squad as the Kona Champion, so I’m not so one dimensional...

My squad trains out of Northside of Brisbane Australia during the summer, then we move to training camps in St Moritz Switzerland and Park City Utah USA in the northern hemisphere summer, among other camps when racing schedules dictate.

My squad is an on deck program, I do not coach professionals remotely, This is an in the trenches fully inclusive program. I have no qualms saying outloud my goal is to be the best professional triathlon coach in the world, and if yours isn’t, then wow aren’t you and your coaches goals mis-aligned?? 

I’m looking for serious professionals (emphasis on serious) or those that desperately want to become one, I’m only looking for athletes whose commitment and effort match mine. Please don’t take offence, but am not interested in providing a retirement home for athletes on the way out, am not interested in athletes that want to be “pro” as a status or lifestyle… and those that are at the level, not interested in athletes that “just want to be the best aussie”…. This is a high performance/pro development group that are working incredibly hard to be the best they can be. 

If you are interested please email: 

The year isn’t over yet, but up till today the following is a list of notable results out of the HillsDistrict Pro Squad over last 20months

Hills District Notable Professional Results 2017

2 World Titles
2 World Championship Podiums
1 Kona Podium

12 70.3/Half Ironman Victories 
11 70.3/Half Ironman Podiums

3 Ironman Victories
2 Ironman Podiums

4 Regional Championships

3 Australian National Titles

7 Olympic Distance Victories 
4 Sprint Distance Victories 

Multiple ITU World Cup top 10’s

For those triathletes that need confirmation that I have a grasp on cycling these are some of my stats as cycling director sportif / team manager: 

Australian National Road Series (NRS)
15 overall tour victories
34 Stage wins

UCI International Tours
4 Overall Tour Victories
9 Stage Wins

Australian National Titles Elite
2 Gold 
8 Podium

UCI International Tours Completed